A wonderful starter for dinner in the winter: Prawn bisque, snow egg in spicy coconut milk

It is indispensable to have some soup on the French meals. It also plays a role as important starter in La Badiane’s menu. Let’s discover this Prawn bisque, snow egg in spicy coconut milk, grilled prawn in curry with fried shallots & aromatic herbs!


Be the very firt part of the meal, the soup attracks the customers by its color, smell and eye-catching decoration. Especially, in these frigid days, it is for sure that you can’t help enjoying a lip-smacking bowl of soup before you move to other wonderful dishes from the next courses.

a la cat - Sup tôm lòng trắng trứng

This dish will blow every customers’ mind because of its original and remberable flavour of prawn soup, coconut milk. In addition, its spicy flavor can excite your taste when enjoying the meal.


The well-cooked snow egg is the highlight of the dish, going with fried shallots and some herbs that help the dish become more flavourable and noticable. The slice of bread which is cripsy because of baked in aromatic cheese plays a big role in this meal. All of them are blent together to create this hard-to-resit starter.


Let’s enjoy and feel the French appealing flavour and let the heat from this starter warm you up at La Badiane among this cold weather. It is for sure that you can not miss the flavour of this fantastic starter.