Wonderful effects of wine (Part 2)

1. “Panacea” for skin

Did you know that the components in wine are capable of avoiding the aging process?

This effect is due to the skin of ripe grapes in wine containing a wealth of resveratrol (an effective anti-aging compound) and flavonoid (an antioxidant) which is 10-20 times as higher as in vegetables and fruits. Therefore, wine is used by many women as a “panacea” to have smooth and natural white skin.

In addition, wine can also be used to make the mixture of facial mask that helps skin become smooth fine lines, slough away dead cells, unclog pores and retain its youthfulness,…

anh 4 tuan 2

Drinking wine daily can help your skin become as smooth as a baby’s bottom and natural fair.

4. Helping your eyes healthier

There is another interesting thing you may haven’t known that wine has good effect on protecting and bettering the eyes. This great effect is thanks to Resveratrol in wine which can prevent the decline of certain visual activities and help you improve the best eyesight.

Thus, completing natural resveratrol by drinking wine daily not only helps to have a good healthy body, but also take care of your eyes.

vang 2

Drinking wine is an extremely effective way to help protect the eyes – “windows of the soul”

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