Wonderful effects of wine (Part 1)

Have you known that only by drinking wine in moderation daily can bring great effects to health? Let’s explore with La Badiane the wonderful effects of wine to your health.

1.  Making your heart healthier

It sounds unbelievable but if you desire to own a healthy heart, it’s better for you to drink wine every day.

Wine contains some ingredients which help increase HDL cholesterol levels (a type of good cholesterol for the body) and prevent bad cholesterols from the very first time they start to take shape. Hence, the diseases related to cardiovascular problems such as vascular obstruction, arteriosclerosis … will be pushed back ever since it begins.


A glass of wine every day will help you have a healthy heart.

2. Making the body slender

Can going on a diet or doing gymnastics will help you to own a slim body? That is not really true if your digestive system is not performing well, because the unwanted substances are not only metabolized but also accumulated in form of fat, especially in parts of the abdomen, waist, thighs and arms,…

The researchers from Purdue University have found a compound in red wine which helps prevent the growth of fat cells. The study has shown that people who drink wine daily have lower body weights than those who just enjoy. Even, those who drink wine moderately and usually have smaller waists, less belly fat tham those who do not.

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Drinking wine every day will help stimulate digestion and reduce fat accumulation in the body

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