Wine and the art of enjoying

Enjoying wine which is considered the exquisite among European dishes in the right way is not popular knowledge. Let La Badiane suggest you with a few notes when tasting wine.

  1. How to open a bottle of wine

Wine quality and flavor are reserved when wine is stored in a cool place. To prepare for the meals, the wine should be brewed in low temperatures subject to each specific kind of wine. Particularly, carbonated fruit wine or champagne shall be brewed at 7 degree while white wine at 7-10 degree and the temperature for red wine ranges from 13-16 degrees.

The next important step is the wine opener. First, remove the layer of foil around the bottle neck. Can use the knife around edges bottleneck departed for separating layers of foil easier. Then try the tip of the tongue immediately opener and cork center of rotation is delayed until Sneaky half opener blade, just rest on the edge of the neck and pulled out slightly. With the bottle “old” you can break cork, breaking much of the opener broke out and start over with the rest trapped in the bottle neck

The next important step is to open the bottle of wine. First, remove the layer of foil around the bottle neck. A serrated knife can be used to make it easier by cutting around the bottle neck. Then, position the corkscrew in the center of the cork and twist in the spiral, turning it clockwise. After that, place the corkscrew’s first bottle rest onto the lip of the bottle, and lift up the handle to pull the cork halfway out.Then, place the corkscrew’s second bottle rest on the lip of the bottle, and pull again until the cork is almost-but not quite-out. With an old bottle of wine, you can break the cork and start over with the rest of the cork in the bottle neck.

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  1. The way of tasting

Drinking wine is an art. When wine is poured into a transparent glass, you can consider the color of the wine for guessing its age and location. White wine’s color will change from pale green to light brown overtime. Red wine’s color will fade away overtime. As common, the red wine will taste better overtime, but it contradicts to white wine. Slightly rotate glass bottom and inhale the fragrance of the wine. The very first ship will let you fell the taste of the most obviously, slightly swallow it and the wine taste will spread over.

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  1. Food and wine pairing

Regarding food and wine, the taste and flavors shall supplement to each other. For heavier meals, the wine needs strong taste. For lighter meal, the wine needs lighter taste (fresh fruit and low alcohol content). An easy-to-remember rule is that red wine goes with red meat and white wine goes with white meat. There are some things you should remember and avoid doing. Particularly, do not pour wine too early if appetizer is served with salad with vinegar, the vinegar will greatly affect the taste of wine, but if appetizer is served with cheese or fried foods, the wine should be poured at the beginning of the meal.


La Badiane wishes you would always have a good meal!