Wholesome environment of early summer at La Badiane

As a summer-loving person, La Badiane is the ideal place for you to come as it has provided you with a simple and wholesome environment where you had the chance to be so closed to nature.

Khong gian La Badiane - 1 - 600x400

Not only secluded from hustle and bustle of big street, La Badiane also is secluded from street with a courtyard with 2 row of trees alongside. Just taking the first step through the gate, it feels like you can touch the summer among serene space.

When you are already inside the restaurant, there are many clumps of trees all around welcoming you. They are used to decorate the restaurant and bring wholesome, fresh air as well.

The open-sky patio leads natural sunlight to and help make inner space airy and bright.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy wholesome breeze of the early summer days, let’s find a simple and fresh green La Badiane right in central Hanoi. A visit to La Badiane mixes two of life’s loveliest pleasures: good food and great space.


Not only that, the restaurant gives you enough privacy for yourself. It really is ideal for enjoying each summer breeze. Moreover, La Badiane is not isolated or far from any interesting events or places that may be on in the central Hanoi area.