What factor really decides food’s quality?

Cooking has long been considered as a type of arts that requires not only the skills but also the sophistication and sensitivity of those who cook. Let’s explore those factors – the ones that truly determine the quality of the food in this article. 

Emotions – the special ingredient for quality dishes

Alongside fresh ingredients and great spices, the cook’s emotions when cooking also affect the quality of the food. A well-known chef – Martin Yan – shares: “No matter how fresh or exquisite your ingredients are, if you cook without emotions, your food will lack flavors, and it will be hard to say you’re a good chef.”

Lots of scientific research have proven that if the cheerful mood of the cook while cooking is proportional to the deliciousness of the food. This is easy to understand, simply because either it is cooking or any other type of arts – they all need emotions and feelings as a special catalyst for the works to shine. Phan Thang Thai Hoa, Top 3 MasterChef Vietnam, season 1 has also shared: “When in bad mood, I don’t go into the kitchen. Because I know for sure I won’t be able to cook fine food that’s full of love with such negative emotion.”


La Badiane’s kitchen is always full of laughter

Chef Benjamin of La Badiane also says: “The mood of the chef when cooking will determine the taste of the food. When cooking for La Badiane’s customers, I always feel happy and put all my love in the work as if I am cooking for my family. It is the love for culinary arts and La Badiane’s customers that motivate me to create new food and cook better.”

To spice up “the emotional ingredients”

Apart from bringing a good mood into the kitchen, you can also choose the healthy ingredients to ensure the best quality for the food you cook.

Chef Benjamin shares in a previous interview: “When cooking, another important factor that affects the food’s quality is the freshness of the ingredients.”


Shrimp and chicken spring rolls at La Badiane with 9 ingredients: Shrimp, chicken, asparagus, carrot, cucumber, wasabi, phở sheet, square rice sheet and mayonnaise sauce. All ingredients must be fresh and healthy to ensure great quality for the dish.


Zucchini & beetroot cannelloni stuffed with black olives tapenade, arugula with candied lemon & sesame biscuit

The subtle combination of fresh and scrumptious ingredients will give customers a pleasant culinary experience.

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