Well-mannered behaving in a five-star restaurant?

How to behave courteously and professionally when you first entered a luxurious five-star restaurant?

Prepare for meal

Many people are unaware that they have a habit of sitting on the table without observing others around. If you do, you should adjust before coming to the luxurious restaurant.

Because when you come to the five-star restaurants, it is something that should be avoided. Especially when you are invited, you had better let who has invited you sit down first. Otherwise, If you are men, why don’t you behave graciously by pulling the chair for the women, right?

A small note is just sitting delicately on a chair from the right side, and making no noise when pulling chairs. Theo sound of pulling the chair must break the luxurious atmosphere around you.

And as soon as sitting down, you should put the napkin on your lap. If you stand up, but keep continuing to dine, let that napkin on your chair so that the waiters know you are still having meal!

Order of using knife, spoon, fork, and how to hold the glass

Each dish will be served with different utensils and sorted in order of dishes clearly. You must use your knife, fork under the order from outside to inside gradually.

You will have 3 glasses, one for water, one for red wine and the last for white wine. However, some restaurants just have a cup for water and the other for wine, or both of them used for wine.

When you do not want to drink, talk in private to the waiter, do not use your hands to cover your cup. Especially when you drink, you should hold the glass in the base and just sip.

Do not put irrelevant things on the table

Upon entering the five- star restaurant, you should put all your stuff including your wallets and phone in your bag if possible. Do not put these items on the table. They are believed to make you distracted, causing you to not focus on the meal. And that’s not very delicate in a formal meal.

Avoid creating sounds while dining

Being not familiar with knife, fork, you can inadvertently make some noises while eating. If you are new user, you can have someone coming along to support you sensitively. That is also to increase the bonding among everyone, right?

Do not talk while chewing

Not only in luxurious restaurants but also at anywhere, you should not be chewing while talking. This will take away the charm of your tactful tact!

Do not push the plate away after finishing

Five-star restaurants always offer you the waiters who is always willing to help you clean up the utensils you have finished, so you should not be so worried that you must push your plates apart to get the space for other dishes. It is considered as a non-delicacy in this luxury space

Feel free to leave a tip before leaving the restaurant

Tip would be like a silent gratitude to the waiters at the five-star restaurant. What we must hesitate at but give them thanks for what they have dedicated themselves to serve us during the meal, give us great experience, right?

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