Walking down the street to feel Autumn

Autumn is coming, Hanoi makes people fascinated by its strange beauty in every corner of the Old Quarters, every yellow-leaves-streets. Chilly air with some light sunshine of the beginning autumn is really an ideal time for us to walk, to saunter down the streets, enjoying the fullest beauty of autumn in Hanoi.

Walking around the Old Quarters


The Old Quarters are always bustling with tourists wandering along the streets, you will suddenly see the street vendors. Such flat winnowing baskets of golden ripening dracontomelum, baskets of bread, bikes of plenty of flowers … makes the Old Quarters more colorful. The fragrant Com (green rice flakes) scent a street corner, the seller packs these gold in nuggets rice flakes in lotus leaves in a flash, as if she is packing the taste of autumn, packing the most quintessential thing for her customers.

Walking around the Sword Lake 

loc vung

After the Old Quaters, you can walk down around the Sword lake shore. Sword Lake in early autumn í is full of the yellow of leaves covering the lakeside, range of willows in frost, the blooming barringtonia acutangula. Barringtonia acutangula flowers are also a part of Hanoi Autumn, when the golden rays is shining sparkling on the lake, on the ripples, these tiny flowers are drifting and bobbing. Such a gentle autumn!

The ancient dracontomelum-tree-street Phan Dinh Phung


Phan Dinh Phung is the road which has the large sidewalk among the best in Hanoi with the ancient dracontonmelum trees. Autumn here with the street is full of fallen yellow leaves creating a classic romantic sight. In the middle of noisy and bustling Hanoi, it’s great to find a soothing and peaceful view like that!

Milk flower-street Nguyen Du


 Every time autumn is coming, Nguyen Du street again stirs up people’s hearts by the fragrance of milk flowers. This smell is somehow subtle, somehow pervading making us even more unable to part. The flowers themselves is as the witnesses of the flow of life passing quietly. Frost falling and covering the branches and leaves, quietly listens to the sound of time falling on someone’s parthouse…Sunddenly realize that how peaceful Hanoi is!

Each street brings her own color, own beauty, own hallmark, but all were put together, making a serene Hanoi, infatuating people’s hearts whenever autumn is coming. You will feel light-headed and hard to describe as touching the autumn when walking along the streets.


In that unique breath of Autumn, after walking off the street, let choose for yourself the ideal place to stop, enjoy some dishes with autumn flavor, a peaceful atmosphere may mixing with every beat of you emotion, giving you an absolute experience of the Autumn.