Vietnamese features in La Badiane

Not only bringing a romantic, exquisite atmosphere with curved arches of pre-colonial style of France, does La Badiane give diners the love, the close by the Vietnamese features. Paying attention to every single details in the space, and you will be startled by these Vietnamese features mixing with the classical French architecture.

Rustic and simple things

Right from the first steps to the restaurant, diners can easily recognize the image of Vietnamese bamboo in all items, from casual rattan chairs to the stylized “bird cage” lanterns.

Khong gian La Badiane - 2 - 600x400

Not only that, green and airy space with ornament banana trees, plain arrowroot tree will take the diners to travel back to the peaceful space of the village.

Khong gian La Badiane - 1 - 600x400

Magnanimous historical imprints

Enjoying a meal at La Badiane, the customers will be immersed in the full of Vietnamese historic space.

Khong gian La Badiane - 4 - 600x400

The black and white photos of anxious but full of resilience eyes of Vietnamese Heroic Mothers or the innocence, clarity of children in wartime has revived the heroic history of the nation.

Khong gian La Badiane - 3 - 600x400

Perhaps, there has never been such harmonious fusion of French-Vietnamese culture like this. Certainly, there must be the understanding and loving Vietnam so profoundly that this “artist” can mix the Vietnamese features with the French space, creating a perfect “cultural picture”.

Come to explore and experience this unique cultural space in La Badiane at No. 10 Nam Ngu right away!