Vietnamese dishes in French restaurant

Coming to La Badiane – No.1 French restaurant in Hanoi, you will see the little France with pre-colonial architecture and have chances to try attractive Western dishes. But more than that, La Badiane also offers new experiences with Vietnamese dishes in addition to traditional French ones. The fusion food makes La Badiane become more impressive to its customers.

Customers of La Badiane have chances to enjoy not only luxurious French dishes with typical flavors of butter, cheese or milk and sophisticated decoration but also traditional Vietnamese ones with La Badiane style. One of those dishes is  Pho cuon (fresh rolls).


Vietnamese Pho cuon made by skillful French chefs

The taste of Pho cuon at La Badiane is familiar but unique because of the combination of sophisticated French cuisine and traditional Vietnamese ingredients. The carefully selected ingredients create the fresher taste of the.


Carefully selected green ingredients

Made with simple technique, the dish actually requires chefs some special skills. The chef must be subtle in ingredient selection and combination to make the best taste of the dish that can awaken the passion for new experiences of gourmets. Modestly, it is the way that a Vietnamese dish appears in the menu of a French restaurant.


Vietnamese dish in French restaurant

The fresh vegetables and herbs are rolled in the soft rice sheets. Customers will have a freshly light dish on hot summer days in Hanoi and understand more about traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

La Badiane is a place where French and Vietnamese culture meet each other. It’s an ideal place for those who love French dishes and songs and want to experience Vietnamese cuisine as well.