Vegetarian menu for Tet holiday

During the Tet holiday, the diet with a lot of calories like meat and Chung cake… will make you feel bored. Changing the diet with simple and easy-to-make food will be the best choice for you to have a healthy and delicious meal.

The following is three vegetarian dishes that La Badiane suggests you.

Toast of cucumber & tomato tzatziki in curry


(Figure: illustrated)

Originated from Caribbean cuisine, the dish will be a marvelous experience for you and your family. Crispy toast is combined with garlic sauce, cucumber, tomato and tzatziki (a kind of sauce made from yogurt and chopped cucumber). Moreover, the flavor of ice-cream is so attractive that you will eat up the dish and the flavor of the dish still lingers on your tongue.

Carrot salad in mustard, honey & cinnamon

Carrot Salad

Carrot salad in mustard, honey & cinnamon at La Badiane

Instead of complicated starters that waste a lot of time, you can make Carrot salad in mustard, honey & cinnamon. Carrot is sliced in thread or cut into thin slice, then added with some honey, cinnamon and mustard. The dish is simple but still nutritious enough for your health. It could be considered the dish that you should list in your menu.

Seasonal vegetables, pesto sauce.


(Figure: illustrated)

This dish becomes so attractive to the diners thanks to the perfect combination of vegetables, pasta and pesto sauce.

You can spread the sauce onto the sandwich or serve with rice, smashed potato or boiled vegetable left from previous meal.