How to use salt in cooking

In addition to preventing food from spoiling, salt also helps to repair some of the problems while marinating dishes. Utilizing salt in processing  food and cooking, you surely get delicious meals.

Here are some suggestions that La Badiane recommends you.

1. Fish and seafood

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Mid red tuna filled cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulis at La Badiane

To keep fish and seafood fresher after buying from the market, dissolve a little salt into 3 liters of water and some ice then soak fish in this mixture for 15 minutes. Then, wipe it completely dry before processing. Doing so will make fish meat tasty and not be broken when being cooked.

During the processing of fish, sprinkle a little salt on your hands will help you keep the fish tighter.

2. Fruit and vegetable

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Kitchen staff at La Badiane

Salt is able to cleanse stain on the greens. Putting vegetable in a basket and soak into warm then add a tablespoon of salt into. Use your hand to shake and stir the basket while washing. Soak vegetables in that liquid for about 20-30 minutes, take out and rinse with clean water. There, you absolutely can rest assured to use those vegetables.

In addition, soaking your hands in salt water after cutting peppers helps to avoid burning. To blanch asparagus, you should put salt into the water and boil for 5 minutes, which makes asparagus sweeter.

3. Meat

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Stew of rabbit with mustard & cider, mousseline of carrot in wasabi & vegetables tưmpura, ginger red wine sauce at La Badiane

Salt prevents meat water from being discolored. However, you should only add sail into the meat when cooking was about half of time. You may also wait until the food has been cooked to season salt. That makes food taste milder

La Badiane wish you always have delicious meals with your family.