How to use a napkin with proper table etiquette

This may be a question that many people wonder when sitting at the table of luxurious European style without knowing how to behave properly. Here are some notes to use the napkin at the table in the right way.

1. Using a napkin in before and after order to become well-mannered in table

With upscale restaurants, napkin is always folded very neatly and available on the table for convenience to all customers.

Using napkin in luxurious table is not too difficult if you pay attention to the before – after order which means you let the older or higher guests pick up their napkin and unfold it then you do it later, that also expresses your politeness and respect  to them.

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When using napkin, you should notice the order to show your respect and courtesy.

After pick up your napkin, you can place it comfortably on your lap and slightly higher than the knees and to wipe your mouth, gently dab your mouth and allow the napkin to soak residue from the area. It will be noticed that you should perform this action as gently and calmly as possible.

To leave the table politely after the meal, leave the napkin on the left side as a discreet way to show that you have finished your meal.

2. Using the napkin on correct purpose

Many people often misunderstand that napkin is used to replace paper towels in the luxurious banquet. However, there are only 2 main functions of napkin in the banquet, which will be to wipe mouth and fingers. Therefore, do not use napkin for other purposes such as mopping water on a table or chair or other stains if you do not want other people to underestimate.


To become a polite person in the luxurious banquet, you should only use the napkin to wipe your mouth and fingers

Additionally, you can also use napkin to wipe your lipstick before drinking because there is a taboo that while enjoying coffee, tea on luxury banquet table, you leave your lipstick marks on the cup, glass. If unfortunately, your lipstick has been on the cup already, you can use the napkin to wipe it gently. However, you should minimize such actions, especially in the luxurious banquet.

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