How to use kitchen knives

A good set of knife is a powerful tool that helps you cut, chop or mince foods during processing and cooking. However, each type of knife has a separate use. Choosing the right type of knife help to ensure safety, prevent unfortunate situations during using and also help the cutting easier.

1. Chef knives (French knives)



These knives have long blades, wide width and taper towards the nose. Their tongues are quite thick and handles are wide. Chef knife is also used for cutting vegetables. This is quite handy knife to cut everything but the most suitable for cutting fruit and vegetables. They are also one of the most important and versatile knife for kitchen work.

2. Fillet slicing ​ knife

This type of knife has a thin blade with the length of approximately 20cm. Their main function is to slice ​ fish fillet. Flexibility of the knife allows the cook sliced ​around the Fishbone and easily remove the skin on the outside of the fish fillet steak.

3. Bone cutting knife

Blade of bone cutting knife is usually thin knife with the length from 13cm to 18cm. The blade is not thick but quite hard. Unlike chef knife with the handle used to cut, slice, the nose of bone cutting knife undertakes this task. In addition to the main function is to cut bones of poultry or beef, pork, this knife can also be used for chopping meat.

4. Sharpening knife



With a small and light blade sizing from 5cm to 8cm, sharpening knife is used primarily for cutting cold foods. Small size makes the knife easy to control when cutting small pieces of food.

5. Bread knife

Quite charming with serrated blade, a bread knife with the length of about 30cm is used to cut all kinds of bread. The teeth on the cutting knife help to cut crispy crust into tiny pieces without crumbling loaves. They also help to create serrated-shape for food.