Unveil 5 health benefits from salmon

Not only special, aromatic and overwhelming flavor, salmon also contains nutritional value and the unexpected benefits for health. Let’s explore them with La Badiane!

1. Good for the Brain

According to numerous studies, DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids found in salmon has an important role in the growth of brain cells and nerve system, especially to young children. So please, add salmon in your daily menu to provide the necessary amount of DHA in the body.


DHA fatty acids found in salmon are good for the human brain. 

(Source: 40tuanthaiky.com)

2. Reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease

Salmon contains significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve blood cholesterol levels effectively. So, if your weekly menu are maintained regularly with dishes from salmon will significantly help in preventing heart disease risk and reduces stroke. Those who follow the diet that has a number of servings of salmon per week will reduce by 12% the risk of the disease than those who do not eat or eat less.


Regularly eat salmon helps reduce the risk of stroke

(Source: monngonbonmua.com)

3. Skin and Hair Care

Numerous number of women are concerned about skin and hair treatments to perfect their beauty. La Badiane will unveil for you a very simple way to do that without spending a lot of time and effort: eating salmon regularly. Your skin and hair will be taken care of and protected by omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D found in salmon. These compounds have a protective effect on cells, moisturizing the skin and helping maintain healthy hair.


Don’t have to spent a lot of time on skin and hair care with the help of salmon dishes

4. Rich in protein and amino acids

There are many ways you can supplement protein for your body. However, if consuming meats such as pork, beef … too much will lead to the risk of obesity, diabetes, excess protein, salmon dishes will fully ensure health without worrying about substance excess.


You will always feel secure when adding protein by enjoying salmon

(Source: fitnessyogaworld.vn)

5. Strengthening health for the eyes

Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon are capable of improving the health of your eyes, preventing macular degeneration (AMD), eye dryness and fatigue. In addition, salmon is also a natural source of vitamin D, which is beneficial for eye health.


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With a very practical benefits for health that salmon brings, there is no reason to deny any special dishes prepared with salmon. Do not forget to stop by La Badiane to be served the perfect salmon dish. We hope to see you, soon!