The unexpected effects when listening to classical music

A lot of research has shown that classical music has many positive effects on human’s health, spirit and physical strength. Let’s explore with La Badiane the effects of classical music that you probably unexpect.

1. Restrict dementia

Researchers from University of Sogn Og Fjordane – Norway have compared the impacts of listening to live music, the disc, or not listening from 3 groups of patients suffered amnesia. The results showed that about 2/3 out of the patients listening to classical music in the form of live performances or disc remarkably relieved the symptoms of anxiety, loss of concentration and had better memory than the non-listening to music group. According to the, it can be concluded that classical music can help the elderly or patients suffer amnesia improve and restore their memory, and also help to make them more joyful and enjoy life more.

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The Symphony concert on Wednesday evening every week at La Badiane helps customers relax, increase their optimism and happiness

2. Listen to classical music gives you a good sleep.

Listening to classical music 45 minutes before bedtime helping you have a great sleep is the conclusion of scientists from Taiwan. Some research shows that people who have the habit of listening to the music genre such as Jazz, Folk or Symphony with the average beat of 60-80 beats per minute have the deeper and longer sleep than the non-listening to music one.

3. Help to express feelings

Someone once said: “Music is what feeling sound like”. Music shows what we are probably never able to express verbally. Research of the Southern Methodist University indicates that when listening to classical music, people are easy to communicate and more expansive. Thus, listening to classical music makes you express the feelings in a natural, original and comfortable way.

4. Enjoy the dish more satisfactory

You find it hard to eat slowly, chew food properly, don’t you? Listen to classical music! A study conducted in Cornell University shows that light music like classic combined with subdued light in the dining area will help you enjoy the dishes better than normal.

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Enjoying dishes in a lightening and mellow music playing space helps you have the nicer meal

5. Reduce stress for expectant mothers

It is easy that anxiety can makes the pregnant women tense that leads to stress. At that moment, a mellow song can gently soothe your mood. It even helps you to have a good sleep! According to the recent research, taking initiative in listening to music will make you feel more happy and optimistic than listening passively.

Enjoying sweet dinner in the melodic sound of classical music on Wednesday evening everyweek at La Badiane will “melt” all the tiredness of a stressful working day, bring you the unforgetably splandid experience!

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