“Un Jardin d’Hiver” or “Winter Garden” style

La Badiane has just transformed into an indoor garden with lots of space, sunlight and green plants, which is a total opposition to the previous cozy style with the colors of red and brown. Did you ever wonder what the current style is and what kind of atmosphere the restaurant is trying to create with it? 

Secret unveiled: It’s “Un Jardin d’Hiver” or “Winter Garden” style that La Badiane has transformed into.

Transformation La Badiane 3

La Badiane’s new ground floor in “winter garden” style

The term “winter garden” was used during the early 19th century for grandly proportioned conservatory-style glass pavilions designed for growing plants in grand houses. The style has gradually become popular in many countries around the world over the centuries.

The winter garden dates back to the early modern era where European nobility liked to build a large conservatory. An outside building, the conservatory was attached to the main palace, usually featuring large windows and a glass roof. It had two functions: to house luscious plants that wouldn’t normally grow in that climate and to become an extension of the sociable living space.

winter-garden 1

Example of a room in “winter garden” style

By the later Victorian era, winter gardens were no longer restricted to private residence; many were built for the wider public, for social gatherings. The Crystal Palace opened in 1851, for example, full of  iron and shaped glass. The gardens still sustained semi-tropical plants and birds through the colder months but they could now include theatres, tea rooms and other commercial outlets.

Winter garden 2

The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London, 1851

By the late 19th century, winter gardens had three defining factors:

  1. They continued to grow warm-climate plants in a cool country;
  2. They had space for music, pleasure and strolling inside the building; and
  3. They were made of vast areas of glass to maximize the natural light and the natural views.

By turning itself into a spacious eye-bashing green garden, La Badiane hopes to bring a sense of nature and relaxation for customers coming to the restaurant. Enjoying fine foods in a gorgeous setting with attentive service from the devoted staff – it is such a must-have experience for both foreign and local diners.

La Badiane Small Paris in Hanoi

The new style and color scheme have made La Badiane a precious oasis in the 40-Celsius degree weather of Hanoi

Check out a few photos of the brand new ground floor here.

(With reference information from MelbourneBlogger).