Types of cheese (part 2)

There exists hundreds types of cheese in the world, however, in this part La Badiane just mentions some well-known types of cheese that you may not know before.

4. Blue cheese

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The name for this type of cheese is to describe blue spots in the cheese, sometimes they are blue-grey or blue-green. These special blue spots make the cheese so distinct in flavor. It is made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk or sheep’s milk. It is suitable to be served with fruits, crackers (a type of crispy cookies) or sparkling wine.

5. Cream cheese


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This is kind of fresh cheese with white color. It is soft and lightly sweet. This type of cheese is the main ingredient to make cheesecake. Cream cheese can be served with bread or cracker.

6. Mascarpone


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Mascarpone itself is not cheese, it is just a product of adding an additive in the process of separating cream from milk. Mascarpone is soft, white and fresh. It is important ingredient to make tiramisu.

7. Ricotta cheese


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Originated from Italy, Ricotta is made from the cow’s or sheep’s milk whey left over from the production of cheese. This type of cheese is in white color, soft, lightly sweet and less fat. Ricotta is often chosen to make Italian dessert or served with other sorts of dessert. It is also used to make cheesecake and different types of cookies. Many kinds of pasta and pizza are also made of Ricotta.