The trend “eating with the eyes”

Eating little and healthy is the most important principle of office meal. All because our staffs now are interested in not only how food tastes but also the way it looks.

A natural demand of people on modern lives

As a study of psychologists,  people often eat with the eyes first and then the tongues. How the food is little or much, eye-catching or not will lead the way customers feel about meal.

The period in which people eat something just to be full has been over. Nowaday, to help people enjoy the meal, the colors and the way of garnishing must be appealing first.


All stuffs in office are related to the mind. So that, the needs of energies is not really as high as manual workers’ ones. It is very clear that their meals don’t need to be too much but really nutritious. In conclusion, the demand for lunch is not only eating something but also enjoying a kind of art called cuisine.

The art of food styling

Food styling is the art of arranging food so that it looks appealing. Paying just a little attention on arranging food also helps its ingredients show off how they are fresh, helps the food more mouth-watering and lip-smacking as well.

A well-decorated dish tells a lot. It reveals how elaborated it is, how skillful the chef’s hands are, how whole-hearted he is and how careful the service is.


The original freshness and colors of all ingredients (including vegetables, meets and herbs) need maintaining while garnishing because they also build your “work of art”. The fresh or well-mixed colors of food will make your meal look more interesting and excite the sense of taste of customers.

We also can take advantages of sauces to garnish our dishes. The skillful chef did yield a sauce that had the ideal consistency and natural color, now can use it to draw magic lines of sauces as adorable patterns.


Furthermore, shape of tablewares also plays a big role to flatter the attraction of food. It is necessary to spend time choosing which one of them to serve each dishes in order to make the food look the most appealing and to satisfy the customers.

A meal with well-garnised dishes deserves to be a gift that a bussinessmen can give to his partner. How amazing cuisine is!