Travel to Hanoi, must try walking tour

More and more foreign tourists visiting choose to go for a walking tour around Hanoi as a new way to enjoy the full beauty of this peaceful city. Today let La Badiane map out a route through “the most worth going” places in Hanoi!

The walking route should go through the streets which have wide sidewalks, beautiful trees, wholesome air and typical architectural works so that the tourists can do sightseeing while walking.

W2B1-anh 1

Hoang Dieu Street

The weather of Hanoi is usually cool in the early morning, and fiercely hot up to 38 degrees (in summer) in middle of the noon and lasting until about 3pm. Therefore, you should choose the time on your own initiative to make sure that the tour will not cause fatigue and become integral. Walking in the dawn of the early morning or in the sunset is both wonderful!

When taking a walk, not only can you enjoy the sights, feel relaxed, chat, but the most important thing is that you can also mix with the current of life of Hanoi people. Because, walking is the closest way you can do to feel about a city!

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Hanoi street on the season of falling leaves

You can refer to 5 km tour of about 2.5 hours that City Pass Guide (the largest tourist information supplier in Vietnam) instructs below.

The journey will depart for Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, the first university of Vietnam and the next destination is the Hanoi Opera House.

“From there, walk down Van Mieu and turn left onto Nguyen Thai Hoc road to visit Vietnam Fine Arts Museum across the street. Leave the museum, take a left onto Hoang Dieu street and keep walking and you will reach the Colonial Quarter Houses in Lenin Park at the corner of Tran Phu street. Continue straight and make a right on Dien Bien Phu street. Stop at the Cot Co Tower for a while. Continue walking along Tran Phu street, turn left at the first intersection on Ton That Thiep 34A Tran Phu road and walk up alongside the Ancient Citadel. At your first right, cross over the train tracks and make a right on Hang Ga street, then make an immediate left on Hang Bo road followed by another right onto Luong Van Can street. From here you can start to explore the streets of the Old Quarter.

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Hanoi Ancient Citedal

After that, make a right onto Hang Gai street and a left on Hang Hom. Go down the street and make a left on Bao Khanh. And keep going until you reach the Sword Lake. Walk around the left and make a stop at Ngoc Son Temple. Cross the famous red bridge The Huc to go inside the temple. Then walk around the lake and make a left onto Trang Tien street and gaze at the well-decorated street with beautiful hotels, shops and restaurants. This will lead you to Hanoi Opera House, a perfect place to end your tour.”