Toulous – a charming France

Toulous is a beautiful city located in the south of France. With a long history, traditional architecture and unique art, Toulous is known as a center of French art and an attractive destination for all travelers.

Coming to France, do not forget to visit the famous sights of Toulous. Romantic beauty of nature and architecture here will definitely make you feel satisfied.

The river Garonne

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It is the largest river in France. River flows through Toulouse like a water picture with poetic beauty. On the road runs along the riverban, trees intertwin with many house, creating classic and romantic scenes. The bridge with the bright light pole make the river shimmer at night. In the summer, you can go for a walk by the river in the shade of green trees and enjoy the fresh air here.

Japanese garden

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Inspired by the gardens in Kyoto from century 16 – 17, Japanese garden of Toulouse was erected in 1981, located right in the center Caferelli Compans.

The garden has a large area up to 7000m2. It is a green space designed with exquisitely manicured trees, green meadows, beautiful cherry blossoms and plant exhibitions. Spring and summer are the perfect time for you to see the full beauty of the garden.

Midi Canal

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You will see a peaceful and romantic Toulouse from the Midi Canal. It is not huge or stately like river Garonne, Midi canal is pretty small, private and quiet. Escape from the noise of the city, you can walk along the canal or on a pretty little bridge, watching the blue waters or sit on the benches in the trees shade, then the feeling of relaxation and peace of mind will come so easy.