Top 3 things to do to fully enjoy the romanticism of the autumn

It’s no longer fiercely sunny as in summer, but has not touched to the numbing cold of winter. The autumn occupies people’s hearts by the chilly of autumn wind, slight sunshine covering every street corner…

Autumn is beautiful, but also comes and goes really quickly. Each year, we again meet autumn once on the occasion of August, September, October, but sometimes there are some people who inadvertently miss this most beautiful moment of the year, they just only touch but have not yet mixed themselves with the autumn to fully enjoy the ecstasy, appealing beauty and romanticism of it.

The autumn of this year is still here, we should definitely do something to enjoy autumn, do not let the fall pass quickly, so that we will not feel missing, feel regretful when the autumn has gone.

In autumn, you should certainly drink sidewalk coffee, watching the leaves falling


Although it’s such a simple thing but not everyone knows and can choose for themselves an ideal place to feel the “flavor” this autumn. In a weekend morning, try to look for a sidewalk café shop, sipping a cup of coffee, while watching the flow of passers-by and the range of trees in the period of shedding leaves. It’s not fussy, not luxurious, just a small wooden chair in a small corner of the sidewalk. It is just that simple but gathering the whole autumn sky in it. Loitering some sidewalk coffee shops these days is a simple way to feel the most exquisite features of heaven and earth.

In autumn, you should certainly wander down the streets and capture the best moments


Walking around in the fall is probably most interesting, because of the pleasant cool weather, the poetic range of trees covered by yellow leaves, rows of brightly colored flowers… Walking leisurely down the streets, watching everything moving around can make you feel the colorfulness of life. Capture the most beautiful, most special moments of autumn, so that each time you miss, you can look at them, feeling the existence of autumn anytime, anywhere.

In autumn, you should certainly enjoy a romantic meal at a French restaurant

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French culinary itself is gentle, subtle from the stage of how to cook, how to present to how to enjoy the dishes. Autumn and French cuisine seems to have certain similarities, which you should try at least once to absolutely feel them. Autumn is spreading all over the place, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying a romantic French meal with candles, wine and music in that full of autumn flavor room!

What are you waiting for? Let yourself open the gift of nature to fully enjoy the romanticism of autumn!