Tiramisu – “Take me with you”

When talking about France, those who love this culinary culture never forget to mention a favorite dessert that win the hearts of million people all over the world – Tiramisu. However, behind the cake is a greater story about couple love and maternal love.

La Badiane will tell you about the cake, holding inside various emotions and feelings hardly described just in word.

Tiramisu – cream of Italy

What will we have when thinking about Tiramisu: well-known Italian dessert, smooth sweetly layers of cake, creamy cheese, warm rum, nice coffee fragrance and cacao powder with chocolate final touch in the top of the tongue. This combination in just one piece of the cake leave a beautifully lingering taste.

tiramisu 1

Tiramisu – quintessence of Italy (Source: Kienthuc.net.vn)

In addition to attractiveness of this dessert, people love the story behind it about sentiment of cake makers giving to their beloved ones.

Tiramisu – cake of love stories

In Italian, Tiramisu means “Think of me”, “Remember me”, “Forget me not” or “Take me with you”. There is an anecdote telling that a girl fell in love with a boy but she didn’t know how to express the feelings. She made the layer cake with all of love and gave it to the boy. And their love story began since then.


Cake of romantic love stories! (Source: Kienthuc.net.vn)

Someone also told that, in the First World War in Italy, a wife wanted to prepare for her husband, a soldier going to war, the best dish while their family was not wealthy. So she had to use all the remaining ingredients in the kitchen, such as biscuits, eggs, cheese and cocoa powder to make a special cake, containing full of love and hope for a peaceful future after the war. When eating this cake with all bitter and sweet taste, soldiers will always remember his wife waiting for him. Besides, the benefits of rum and coffee will help soldier stay more awake and firmly in the battle of survival.

All stories have created a profound meaning behind the cake, so when we enjoy the cake, we will tenderly think of our beloved ones.

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