Tiramisu – a sweet cake for love

Have you ever known that beyond chocolate and roses, Tiramisu is also one of the symbols of love? Let’s find out that history of Tiramisu.

1. The story of Tiramisu love cake

There are many stories related to the origin of Tiramisu: During World War I, an Italian woman wanted to send her cakes as a sweetest wish to the soldiers who were preparing to set off for battles; the women and wives wished to give their lovers, their husbands sweet cakes with the message “Remember me” …

However, the real story about Tiramisu cake is still shrouded in mystery.

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With the sweetness and mushiness, Tiramisu is a cake symbolizing the divine love

2. All shades of love in just one cake

In spite of originating from the small Italy, nowadays Tiramisu has become the favorite dessert all around the world, bringing all kinds of shades and different taste such as sweetness, bitterness, heat, greasiness,…in proportion to all sorts of emotions of love.

The cake is a perfect combination of the scent of coffee, wine and the fat of the egg and cheese cream. Just by having a bite, you can experience all that flavors blending together in your palate. Therefore, Tiramisu is also affectionately called “Heaven in your mouth”.


Tiramisu – the favorite pudding at La Badiane

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