Tips on utensil cleaning and sanitization

Dining utensils – glasses, bowls, dishes – often get worn out after using for a while. Check out sometimes La Badiane’s tips of keeping them always clean and shiny.


Washing and wiping the ceramic and glass utensils not only to clean but also to sanitize them. Cleaning is important because such process keeps the bacteria away and prevent them from spreading further. Whether washing the utensils by hand or by machine, restaurants should meet the following requirements:

-       The dishwashing liquid must contain antiseptic elements

-       The washing water must be between 50 – 60 Celsius degree. If too hot it can immobilize the protein, creating a thick layer that retains the foods on the dishes and make it hard to make them shiny again.

-      The rinsing washing water must be over 80 degree, and the utensils must be soaked in such water in approximately 2 minutes. That’s the way to polish the dishes and remove the chemical smell.


Eating utensils on La Badiane’s table

Dish washing recommendations

-       Order of washing by hands: glasses -> knives and forks -> ceramics -> small containers… The rinsing water must be changed frequently to keep the appropriate temperature. At last, using clean, soft cloths to dry the utensils before putting them in the cupboard/dish container.

-       Order of washing by machine: similar to washing by hands, but remember to be careful when putting the dishes into the machine. Afterwards, dry and put the utensils somewhere dry and clean.


A corner of drying glasses on La Badiane’s second floor


It’s hard to avoid food stains on eating utensils when using them frequently in a long period of time. Here are some few tips to always keeping them clean:

-       Damp the stains, put a few drops of lemonade on them, keep the lemonade in 15′ then rinse the dishes. After one, two times, the stains will either fade or disappear.

-      Similarly, put 1/2 bowl of vineyard and 1/2 bowl of water together, soak the stained utensils in the liquid, they will get back shiny!

Hope these tips are helpful to you!