The romantic corners of La Badiane for autumn

Autumn is coming, as gentle as a love song. Autumn is going elsewhere over every street corner under the rest passionate sunlight of summer, you should find a small corner, watching and feeling the autumn to know why autumn makes people infatuated, and miss so bad.

Amid the bustling and busy streets of Hanoi, La Badiane is probably the perfect place for you in this autumn. Let’s discover every each corners of the restaurants that make many tourists attracted each time fall is coming.


Entering the gate of La Badiane, a green garden filled with autumn colors will appear right in front of you, inviting you to come and explore the space inside. It’s a close and familiar feeling as entering our own garden, to mix with the autumn and nature.


Looking upward to catch the golden sun rays shining on each leaf, the autumn sun rays is no longer as blazing as in summer, but still enough for us to feel the chilly of autumn wind – a “specialty” of autumn.


A small corner with table for 2 people which is full of natural sunlight during the day and greenery surrounding, is perfectly suited for a romantic date just for you and your love.

DSC_3372 (1)

Another corner, however inside the restaurant, is still filled with natural sunlight shining from the large glass doorframe above. There are also trees, sunshine and autumn wind …

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At night, this place is even more romantic in shimmering and warm golden light. Nothing is better than sipping wine and enjoying the typically delicious food of autumn with your love in this space.

Especially, in every Wednesday night, in addition to come to La Badiane to enjoy the autumn atmosphere, autumn cuisine, diners can also wallow in live classical music by the real artists.

There are a lot of different corners for you, let choose for yourself the most appropriate and ideal corner to completely mix with the autumn atmosphere and La Badiane with your love and your family!