These wonderful destinations can not be missed in Paris (Part 2)

4. Pont des Arts

Not only does France become famous for the country of love with romantic and passionate “kiss”  but it also owns a love bridge – Pont des Arts with thousands of locks of couples arriving here.

If you are planning to travel to Paris with “him”or “her”, quickly come to bridge Pont des Arts to celebrate your love with these locks with words of love. Each lock will symbolize the message of “locking up” the love, desiring your love to become permanent over time.

Pont des Art

“The bridge of love” Pont des Arts is the ideal destination for many couples to express their love and love mark.

5. Seine River

An interesting fact you may not know: Seine River is where the keys of the locks on the bridge Pont des Arts are “buried”. Dispite flowing one small ramification of Seine Paris, each part of the river has embellished the poetic Paris with blue and gentle water.

Two sides of the River Seine are also recognized a UNESCO world cultural heritage. If going on a cruise on the Seine, you will have a chance to visit Paris’s famous landmarks such as the bridge Pont des Arts, Pont Neuf, …

song seine

Walking along the river’s bank or going on acruise on the River Seine is a way to enjoy the space of the city of light in the most comprehensive and emotional way

6. Notre Dame

Considered as a cultural work sophisticatedly built in the longest time, Notre Dame has long been the most famous cultural and religious center in the world.

Located in the heart of Paris, the House of Notre Dame which is both ancient and also bearing somewhere the “breath” of modernity is not hard to realize. Come there, you will have the opportunity to admire the most typical beauty of in classic Gothic architecture style. Besides, you can “lose yourself” in many worldwidely famous works of art and sculpture exhibited here.

nha tho duc ba paris

Notre Dame with a both ancient and modern architectural beauty will be an irresistible destination for you when arriving Paris

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