With these 5 spices, Chef Benjamin has created hundreds of flavors that are adored by Vietnamese as well as foreign customers.

Olive oil

In the preparation of his dishes, Chef Benjamin prefers olive oil instead of other cooking oils to bring a special flavor to the dish.

Especially in the dish of “Half cooked red tuna & red pepper aioli in Tapenade, pine nuts in thyme dressing”. Half cooked red tuna is firm and maintains its originally sweet taste when dipped in chunky tapenade sauce. Olive oil helps to maintain the fresh sweet taste of tuna.

dầu ô liu

Source: cungmua.com


Mustard helps to evaporate strange smell of some ingredients, the smell of oil and grease while also create a unique flavor.

“Grilled salmon fillet, mustard lentils, raïta emulsion, tomato & mango rougaille” is one of mustard used dishes. Grilled salmon fillet is sweet, soft and slightly crunchy, going with spicy mustard lentils and raïta emulsion, tomato & mango rougaille. The great taste of this combination can be so obviously felt that it will be melting in your mouth and immediately travel to your stomach, leaving an unforgettable taste for your tongue.

mù tạt

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Coriander is a popular herb, not only good for dish presentation but also for the flavor.

The dish “Poached egg, cauliflower cream in orange & mushrooms, shallot & coriander crumble, with « nuoc mam » of porcini mushrooms” can not complete without coriander. Our Chef Benjamin will deliver an unforgettable blend of poached egg and cauliflower cream in orange & mushrooms. The nice smell of shallot crumble is emphasized when it combines with coriander, a popular Vietnamese herbs and « nuoc mam » of porcini mushrooms. This dish will bring a very charming flavor that makes you never forget once you have a chance to give it a try.

rau mùi

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Chili is also a favorite spice of the chef. It add the spicy taste to stimulate your appetite. The colour of chili makes the dishes more vivid and appealing.

The dish “Duck leg confit « Basquaise » style, steamed rice“ can not be itself without chili. Duck leg confit is cooked long and slow in duck fat flavored with aromatic herbs until meltingly tender. With « Basquaise» style and traditional Vietnamese steamed rice, the leg confit with a bit spicy taste for lunch will make your food adventure an interesting experience.


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Garlic is often used in fried dishes, sauces or as marinated spice for fish or meat.

“Gambas in crust of sesame & nigella, coconut-curry leek risotto, spicy bisque emulsion” can not keep its original taste without garlic. Gambas giving the buttery flavor of sesame and lightly spicy of nigella that can be associated with the smell of pepper and garlic.


Source: suckhoegiadinh.com.vn