Thyme – a remarkable feature of Western cuisine

How do the chefs at La Badiane use thyme – one of the “survival” ingredients that creates the flavor “explosion” of the foods – to create the dishes that they’re most proud of? Let’s get to know the spice that “breathes life into” lots of famous dishes in Western cuisine and around the world.

Thyme belongs to the family of Lamiaceae, originated from Europe, nowadays mostly found in Nothern America. In Italy, France and Spain, this type of grass is used as a spice in cooking for the light fragrance that complements the taste and smell of the dish.


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Unlike the ordinary fragrant grasses, thyme does not seem to be “picky” when it comes to combining itself with other ingredients. From the veggies like mushroom, potato, carrot,… to the sources of protein like meat, fish,… everything can “befriend” thyme!

Also, unlike rosemary whose fragrance can be detected easily in the air, to be fully perceived by diners, thyme has to be cooked with other ingredients. What’s more, not only having a distinct fragrance, thyme also has lots of health benefit. It can be used to make tea to cure respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, cold, cough and flu.

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Crusted red tuna with thyme & sesame, mushroom & asparagus risotto in wasabi, ginger red wine sauce

The smell and benefits of thyme have “charmed” our chefs at La Badiane. We have created a wonderful dish of crusted red tuna with thyme and sesame, combined with mushroom and asparagus risotto in wasabi and ginger red wine sauce. Read more about the dish here.

With whom will you try this flavorful dish?