Three suggestions of beef for the year-end

You get bored with familiar dishes of beef? Let’s try the new ones with different ingredients that La Badiane suggests, you will have a delicious dishes for the year-end.

Grilled Australian beef tenderloin, risotto with vegetable and pepper sauce


(Figure: illustrated)

This dish seems to be difficult to make, however, it takes you only some minutes with simple ingredients. By this way you can add a new dish in your menu. Spiced Autralian beef tenderlion is grilled so that the beef inside is soft and still keeps its feature. Then, you cook rice with risotto, add some vegetable and finally pour pepper sauce onto the rice. So, you can prepare a perfect dish for your family.

Beef Carpaccio with grapefruit, citrus dressing, served with French fries

Australian Beef Tenderloin in 5 spices

Australian Beef Tenderloin in 5 spices at La Badiane

This idea appears to be crazy because they just eat beef when it is well-cooked. However, it is a totally different matter when it comes to raw sliced beef. The smell of beef will be dominated by grapefruit and citrus dressing. Moreover, the natural smell of beef hamonized in the sauce will bring you strange taste that you never know before.

Smashed potato, Parmentier with basil and pepper sauce


Smashed potato, Parmentier with basil and pepper sauce at La Badiane

If you don’t want to see the dish with sliced beef, you can change to a new kind with grinded beef. This dish is called Hachis Parmentier in French – one of the French traditional food that wins the love from diners at La Badiane. As what it is named (Hachis means being grinded), smashed potato and grinded beef are mixed and some basil with pepper increase its flavour. This dish used to be dedicated to King Louis XVI, a piece of information that not many people know.

With three suggestions above, La Badiane hopes you with your family will have delicious meal.