Three reasons you should set foot in La Badiane once in life (Part 1)

For 7 years attempting to bring French cuisine to Vietnam, La Badiane has become one of the few French restaurants which is highly appreciated and also receive the love of Vietnamese and foreign customers. Let’s find out about 3 main reasons why La Badiane has become an attractive “Small Paris” to the young.

1. The dish is “the art of combination”


Anyone having been to La Badiane is all impressed by the appetizer of La Badiane which is not only tasted splendidly delicious but also presented extremaly carefully. Every dish regardless of appetizer, dessert or main course must meet the rigorous standards of French cuisine – tasty and aesthetic property.

La Badiane has plenty of the appetizer however what should be first named is “Sesame Crab in wild ginger otto, sliced amaranth and Dalat asparagus”- a tasteful, strange and sophisticated to detail in processing dish.”Appetizer Crab is pleasant to taste, not fishy at all, and sesame cake tastes strange and smells good” is perceived by Thai Hoang Mai, a guest of La Badiane after enjoying this fascinating appetizers. When putting a piece in your mouth, your taste will instantly “play a soothing instrumental” of crab blended with tasty mayonaise fried in wild ginger otto with fresh amaranth and slightly sweet asparagus. What rapture!

Ảnh bài 2.1

Sesame Crab in wild ginger otto, sliced amaranth and Dalat asparagus will win the hearts of the customers only by one first piece

Main course

With main courses, customers have two options: fish & seafood and meat. The unrivaled dishes were made of fish and seafood with a special spices such as “crispy toasted powder coated tuna with sesame and thyme, Italian asparagus risotto rice and Japanese mustard sauced mushroom, red wine ginger sauce”. It is an interesting combination between Eurasian cuisine that the presence of Italian risotto rice and Japanese mustard sauce makes the dish taste strange, fascinating and satisfy not only the European customers but also Asian ones, especially the fans of Japanese cuisine.

In addition, the dishes made of meat is also highly appreciated by customers in La Badiane. Typical dishes are the “Broiled beef tenderloin, grinded peas with smoked dried chili powder and sweet 5 spices sauced fried sweet potato”.

A French overseas student and also Vietnamese customer after enjoying this dish at La Badiane has shared: “I like beef, fragrant pepper sauce. Soft, fresh, greasy meat in my mouth made with Vietnamese spices is so familiar. The salad tastes interesting. I used to eat beef in 1 bistro in Paris but I didn’t feel as tasteful as this”.

Australian beef tenderloin is selected from the most perfect kind and mixed with enough spices tactfully in due time so that when being broiled, the piece of meat is ripen and soft, slightly sweet, soaked the spicces in each fiber that once you taste, you will never forget. The interesting thing here is the spices which are used in the dishes come from Vietnam such as anise, pepper, peppers, aroma, cinnamon, fennel, ginger … The combination of foreign materials and Vietnamese spices in each dish of La Badiane not only convinces Vietnamese customers but also the prissy European ones.

Ảnh bài 2.2

Broiled beef tenderloin, grinded peas with smoked dried chili powder and sweet 5 spices sauced fried sweet potato at La Badiane leaves the unforgettable impression in customers


After enjoying the appetizers and the main dishes, customers have countless choices of dessert to finish a satisfatory meal at La Badiane. Moreover, the desserts are made by the chef, Benjamin Rascalou himself from very familiar materials such as ice cream, fruit, dark chocolate … derived from many different regions gathering and turning into a sweet dessert which is not only the harmony of geography but also of physics due to subtle combination between “hot” and “cold” creating the interesting taste in the mouth when enjoying.

A Vietnamese customer – a French students had to say that: “I live in a place which is full of berry and so have no feelings for berry but when seeing that cake, I crave. Can you imagine that looks like a fruit tiramisu cake and tastes a little sweet, a little sour, a little aromatic, a little fatty. It looks so beautiful that I just take a photo of it. The peach Crème brulee in the bottom is fresh, soft, smooth and there is also a crunchy layer of sugar. It tastes enough sweet”

Ảnh bài 2.3

The Special dessert of Benjamin Rascalou chef is always expected by the customers whenever they enjoy the meal at La Badiane

“Fusion food” (the harmony of food) is perhaps the most accurate word to talk about the style of the chef at La Badiane – Benjamin Rascalou. Every dish of Chef Benjamin Rascalou always tend to match from materials, spices and even the presentation. Thus, the dishes, especially dessert is an interesting combination between Europe-Asia-Vietnam. That is also the most remarkable point for the succeess of La Badiane when bringing French cuisine to the Vietnam. Explore and enjoy the original cuisine of La Badiane at No 10 Nam Ngu or contact (04) 3942.4509 to receive advice and reserve a table.