Three reasons you should set foot in La Badiane once in life (Part 2)

2. Luxurious, attractive space with “spice” exquisite music 

One thing that makes customers love in La Badiane is the natural, warm, luxurious space of the restaurant. “The space of La Badiane absolutely lifts the dishes in the menu to the new height, which was delicious, of course, up to a new level in enjoyment” is the sharing of Mr Nguyen Huy Khanh – a customers of La Badiane on cuisine ranking page.

Ảnh bài 3.1

The warm, luxurious space of La Badiane leaves the unforgettable impression in customers whenever they come here to enjoy French cuisine.

The open-air garden area which used to be suffered from the influences of the swing of the weather is covered by a glass roof that retains the most natural light and prevents the blazing sunshine of summer, the freezing wind of winter or the sudden rain over the year. The Irreducible black and white tones used in conjunction with the tree’s green makes this place luxurious and sophisticated and romantic but cozy and friendly.

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Enjoying the dishes in the classical music space makes the customers of La Badiane feel relaxed and satisfied

“Music Party” on every Wednesday evening of The Four  from Vietnam theatre like a “spice” to complete the romantic dinner, improve the enjoyment of the customers of La Badiane. The melodious pitches in soothing, warm light will dispel any stress, fatigue of a long working day. The space is so luxurious but still simple and the Symphony is so melodic that your dinner can not be more wonderful!

3. Enthusiastic, professional service

Being one of the top French restaurants in Vietnam, La Badiane do attach special importance to service with a well-trained, professional attitude staff. More particularly, the main French manager is always present in the restaurant to meet all the problems arising from the customers.

A Vietnamese diner at La Badiane has said: “what I appreciate in La Badiane is the way of serving. The dish in served in succession, and customers do not have to call or wait. Because there is always the staff standing to observe the tables. While eating, the manager comes out and asks if the meal is pleasant to taste and at the end of the meal the chef will come over each table asking and greeting the guests. I’ve never seen any place like that before. The staff’s attitude is elegant, duely hospitable and polite”.

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Enthusiasm, professionalism in serving is the way that La Badiane satisfies the customers 

Satisfying the customers with delicious food, luxurious space with the professional service is the way that people in La Badiane do to receive from the customers’ satisfaction, joy, happiness in their career and life. Are you ready to La Badiane and have your experience?

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