The year-end Detox with La Badiane

The end of the year is a very suitable time to detox your body to make yourself healthy and energetic to celebrate the New Year. Here are some solutions for you to help you detox your body holistically to confidently participate in the New Year parties.

1. Body Detox

In the end of the year, the body is overloaded with fatty food by the parties, so many people are looking to detox as a “magical” method to purify the body.

Nowadays, the most popular detox method is the fruit juice (Juice Fasting). From the daily familiar fruits, for only a few minutes, you’ve got yourself the very delicious, nutritional juice to purify your body.

If you are too busy to prepare yourself for a perfect cup of detox, you can go to the bar of La Badiane (from 17:30 to 19:30) everyday of the week to have a special offer Happy Hour of buying one – getting 1 for all the cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, wine.


Drinking plenty of water and fruit juice will help your body absorb and digest food better

In addition, La Badiane also encourage you to eat more salad and vegetables beside nutritious dishes to stimulate digester in the year-end parties.

2. Soul “Detox”

In fact, there is a close tie between body and emotion. Therefore, if you want to purify your body effectively, you also need to focus on “detox” for your soul.

Actually, there are so many effective and easy ways to “detox” your soul such as eating favorite dishes, going to familiar places, listening to favorite music, meeting your loved ones,…


The symphony in Wednesday dinner will help the customers in La Badiane release stress effectively

Another great method of purification for the soul is meditation. Especially, when you are in deeply meditative state, all your emotion will become calm, you have not only relaxed but also sound mind.

If you have not meditated deeply yet, you can start with the basic yoga exercises. It also makes your spirit optimistic, your body healthy and makes you love your life.

It is hoped that with the recommendations of La Badiane above, you can detox the body successfully, besides keep your emotion happy and energetic during the year-end time to greet and enjoy the New Year ith your loved ones.

Do not forget that you have a date with La Badiane on December 31st evening at No 10 Nam Ngu. Contact for more details of the event at: (04) 3942.4509