The sweet French breakfast

The English breakfast is often savory with bacon, fried eggs, sausages. In Vietnam, your morning might not be complete without a bánh mì stuffed with fried eggs and pate. But for the French, having savory breakfast is really strange! Let’s find out more about the French’s habit of having sweet breakfast.

Someone has heard a French couple talking loudly to each other about “how the America can even THINK of having EGGS in the MORNING”. They came to the conclusion that they would certainly vomit if having to have breakfast with eggs.

French sweet breakfast 1

A typical American breakfast with toast, bacon and fried eggs. Image source: The Blind Pig

Truth is, the French has a sweet tooth in the morning, and having breakfast with meat, eggs and sausages is very strange to them. Though lots of people know that protein starts the day better than sugar, the French breakfast is most of the time unbelievably sweet. And if the French does have eggs for breakfast, it must be boiled eggs, not fried!

A typical French breakfast includes one “tartine” – a half-cut baguette daubed with butter and their favorite jam. Not only children but also adults like to dip their baguette into a cup of au lauit coffee or hot chocolate. In addition, a glass of juice – orange or multi-fruit – is also an indispensable part of the French breakfast.

French sweet breakfast 2

A typical French breakfast with baguette, butter and jam. Image source: Pancouver

After completing their breakfast with a cup of expresso, French people will be ready for a busy day at work!

French sweet breakfast 3

Au lait  coffee with lots of milk – French people’s favorite
Image source: The Baguette Diet

But no matter how much they love sweet stuff, the nutritious ingredients, rich in protein like meat, fish, shrimp and gallop; rich in fiber like tomato, eggplant and all types of veggie,… are still an essential source that provides energy for the body. The French lunch and dinner still consist of savory dishes, and if they have long a lunch break, French people would have a full 3-course lunch at a restaurant!

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French sweet breakfast 4

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