The Italian – Vietnamese elements in Tiramisu at La Badiane

Being a French restaurant with the motto “fusion foods”, the foods at La Badiane are often the mixture of Vietnamese and French cuisines. But do you know that pairing Italian and Vietnamese cuisines is also pretty interesting? Let’s explore this combination through the tiramisu dessert at La Badiane!


Tiramisu with chestnut cream in Amaretto liquor, crispy chocolate

With this “beauty” you will get to taste two culinary specialties at once: sweet tiramisu from Italy and delicious Trung Khanh chestnut from Vietnam. A slide of burnt dark chocolate goes hand in hand with a tiny glass of Amaretto liquor. You will travel to the beautiful Italy, then go back to the home country of Vietnam, and finally: dig in European cuisine with the wine and the chocolate. What’s more, you do all that while being at one spot in the capital city of Hanoi: La Badiane restaurant.

We all know tiramisu is a well-known dessert from Italy with the smell of coffee, the bittersweet cocoa, a bit spiciness of liquor, the buttery taste of egg and cream cheese. These amazing flavors are so amazing some tiramisu’s fans have nick-named it “Heaven in your mouth” or “Pick me”!

 Tiramisu 1

Also, Trung Khanh chestnut is a specialty of Cao Bang highland, Vietnam, whose size is 5-6 times the size of other types of forest chestnut and quality is much higher.

Tiramisu tai La Badiane 3

Tiramisu with the combination of Italian – Vietnamese elements would be a great dessert for a cool day with family and friends. Take them to taste this special dish at La Badiane!