The distinct flavor of La Badiane’s trademarked steak

Enjoying a juicy, tender steak with delicious sauce in a French setting – is that something you would like to experience with your loved ones? At La Badiane, the distinct flavors of the fresh, finest beef in our June – August menu promise you some memorable culinary experiences.

Beef steak has long been a dish that charms food lovers and restaurant goers all over the world, and getting more and more familiar with the modern culinary style of the Vietnamese. Having understood and wished to bring the best experiences to customers, our chefs at La Badiane have chosen and cooked the most special steaks that are suitable for the taste and interest of the Vietnamese.


Having researched carefully the Vietnamese’s taste, La Badiane always uses lean beef meat with just enough fat and cooks it in a way that compliments such harmony. Moreover, based on the taste of each individual, customers coming to La Badiane can also choose their favorite type of beef: the chewy local meat, the juicy Australian meat or the fine Black Angus…


What’s more, there are 3 types of sauce that complement the trademarked steak at La Badiane. For the Vietnamese, white wine sauce, red wine sauce or sauce made from tamarind wine are the most favored. Each sauce has its own color, accentuating the flavors of the dish. The greasy taste of the meat is balanced with several types of vegetables or smashed potatoes.

Come to La Badiane to taste our irresistible steak – you will not regret a thing.