The art of wine tasting (P.2)

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Small Paris in Hanoi 2

Wine tasting at La Badiane in August 2015


If you are interested in wine tasting, there are many available venues for you to try. Wine tasting events are often offered at:

  • wineries
  • wine bars
  • wine schools

You might even decide to host a wine tasting party. For a great event that your friends will remember, be sure to include:

  • appetizers to enjoy before the tasting
  • bread to cleanse the palate between wines
  • clear wine glasses
  • dump buckets to deposit unused wine before next pouring
  • four to six types of wine
  • pitchers of water for rinsing glasses and palates between wines.

You may also want to include tasting cards, so guests can record their wine tasting experiences.

Wine tasting 1

Wine tasting at La Badiane in August 2015

Wine tasting 3

Appetizers make the wine tasting more appealing


Wine tasting has its own unique set of manners and behaviors. Here are a few wine tasting etiquette basics to be aware of:

  • Allow other tasters the chance to form their own opinions. Wait until everyone has had a chance to taste a wine before making any comments.
  • Don’t interfere with other taster’s sense of smell. This means no smoking or use of highly scented products such as after-shave, perfume or scented lotions.
  • Drawing air into the mouth enhances tasting ability. The gurgling sound this can make is considered perfectly alright at a wine tasting.
  • Spitting is permitted at wine tasting events. Usually a spittoon, plastic cup or ice bucket is provided for this purpose. In wineries, professional tasters even spit directly into drains or onto a gravel floor.

Wine tasting 2

La Badiane guests enjoying the wine

(With information from Tasting Wine.)