The art of food presentation

A restaurant experience should be about more than the smell and taste of the food; diners are also expecting a visual feast when they go out to eat.

We eat with our eyes first, says David Wynne, Culinary Arts instructor at The Art Institute of Seattle, about food presentation and food plating. This idea is widely held in the restaurant industry.

One such artistic chef is Alyson Crispin, who took her creative upbringing into the kitchen with her when she began her career in restaurants.

Crispin’s father had been a food photographer, and while growing up, food and the visual arts were always a part of her family’s life.

“That art background made it on the plate,” says Crispin, who has worked as a sous chef at both Mama’s Fish House in Hawaii and The Hartwood Restaurant in Pittsburgh. “When you are plating food, you want to balance out the tastes, colors, and textures. Make it like a painter’s pallet.”

She believes that the diner’s experience is heavily tied to what they see on the plate, and that this visual presentation will actually change the restaurant-goers’ opinions of the taste of the food.

“If it’s not visually appealing, it can affect how [the diners] feel it tastes,” Crispin says. “How it appears to [the diner] determines how it’s going to taste.”

The art of food presentation 1

Main course: Sea bass meunière in spices, pumpkin salad & citrus at La Badiane. The golden color of fish stands out from green veggie and yellow lemon. 

Being a restaurant that combines French and Vietnamese cuisines, most of the dishes at La Badiane are presented in a “French” way: meticulous in distributing/organizing components of the dish as well as in color and composition.

The art of food presentation 2

Appetizer: Toast with avocado & beetroot bruschetta with féta cheese, black olive tapenade. The red and green colors of tomatoes and veggies stand out from brown wholemeal bread.

The art of food presentation 3

Dessert: Apple & strawberry crumble, lemon sorbet, balsamic glaze

The art of food presentation 4

Appetizer: Mid red tuna fillet cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulis

The art of food presentation 5

Dessert: Chef’s delicacies - delicate in every little detail!

Is the food presentation at La Badiane “appealing” enough to you? Come to La Badiane to treat your eyes some beautiful dishes and enjoy the delicious foods!

(With information from  The Art Institutes blog)