4 amazing health benefits of asparagus

Not only asparagus makes tasty dishes that impress food lovers, it also bring about lots of surprising health benefits. Having understood that, La Badiane uses asparagus to create a delicious and nutitrious appetizer. Let’s find out more about this interesting dish!

Poached egg in bacon crumble with fried asparagus and mushrooms

Nguồn: La Badiane

Image source: La Badiane

At La Badiane you are swamped with options, and starting your meal with eggs and asparagus would be a wise choice. The elegant combination of poached egg in bacon crumble, pumpkin mousseline in wild pepper essential oil, and pan-fried asparagus and mushrooms will make up a light and warm appetizer.

Asparagus is called “the king of all vegetables” because of the nutritions that it contains. Beside the obvious “benefit” of creating stunning dishes, asparagus also brings about lots of surprising health benefits.

1. Reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases

Nguồn: tintuc.vn

Image source: tintuc.vn

Potassium (kali) and folate in asparagus are the important nutritions that help balance blood pressure and make your heart stronger. What’s more, asparagus is high in fiber, which will help you eliminate bad cholesterols in your blood. Hence, consuming asparagus helps you reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases and protect your health better.

2. Prevent cancer

Image source: phunukieuviet.com

Image source: phunukieuviet.com

In our modern life, we are swamped with options of “clean” foods that would help protect us from having cancer. One of the answer for such concerns is asparagus, for it contains lots of glutathione – an anti-oxidant able to prevent and reduce risks of having cancer. So, pay more attention to this ingredient!

3. Make your skin “glow”

Image source: vtc.vn

Image source: vtc.vn

You will be surprised with asparagus’ ability to improve the quality of your skin. Asparagus contains lots of vitamin A and vitamin C that protect your skin from the invasion of the free radicals. Moreover, vitamin C also helps your body collect collagen – a type of protein that lifts the tissues under your skin and prevents aging.

4. Help you lose weight

Image source: khaitam.wordpress.com

Image source: khaitam.wordpress.com

Not every girl is committed enough to her diet to keep on reducing the portion of foods that she is taking. Therefore, choosing the right food for your diet plan is very important. Asparagus can be one of the best options because it contains low calories.

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