Taking some notes for a healthy office lunch

Lunch meal is an important meal of a day. Having a quick lunch or working while eating lunch will make you more tired before working time in the afternoon.

Do not have perfunctory lunch in front of computer

Break lunch is for relaxing and recovering from hard morning. However, there are people underestimate this big role of this time and just have perfunctory middle meal while keep working on computer. This habit harms your consciousness, makes you more stressful because of working continuously without breaking.

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Stepping away from office desk when it comes to lunch time and taking advantage of this breaking time to breath freely will maximize your productivity at work.

10-minute walk before and after having lunch

Staying in one environment for all long morning affects legs inactive, therefore 10-minute walking helps not only restore blood flow, refresh mood state but also set your stomach going. 10 minutes of stroll after lunch helps with digestion, return measures to pre-sitting levels.

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Going out for lunch causes you to walk or at least take some movement before eating and breath natural environment.

Have lunch with colleagues

This is the effective way to establish and enhance relations between employees. It’s time for chit-chating to know more about  each others and reduce stress as well as pressure in working. In working time, people often talk less or talk about tasks if any, so that, lunch break is the chance to talk about individual stories, tell some jokes. Therefore you will feel more engaged to your colleagues.

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Instead of keep sitting in office, let’s choose the most comfortable restaurant or eatery to share each precious lunch break minute with your colleagues.