Taking a look at the famous traditional French cuisine

France is not only known as a fashion capital, a beautiful romantic poetic country but France also marked inside the international visitors with unique culinary flavors.

Let’s discover four of the most famous traditional French cuisine with La Badiane.

  1. Foie gras

It’s an indispensible dish of French people in the international standard restaurants.


When mentioning foie gras, people will think of France.

Foie gras is processed into a lot of different dishes, but the most popular dish is fried liver pate goose and foie gras. Taking a little wine during meals is a habit of French people. Foie gras will be the most wonderful when combining it with sweet and honey scented Sauterne wines.

  1. Grilled lamp chops

With unique flavour, French grilled lamb chops always makes diners satisfied. After preliminary processing and sesoning, lamb chops will be fried to a pleasant ripeness. Potatoes boiled and crushed, packed into the mold and be presented at the dinner plates.


A special feature of the French dish is grilled lamb chops in marinade blends the sweetness of the wine stayed in Porto, a French sweet wine.

  1. Escargot

Escargot is a delicacy that made from snails. As a appetizer, Escargot is often served with herb butter sauce. The flavour of garlic and herbs, adding with the crispy chewy of snail and  greasy butter will take your taste bud to the paradise. This dish will be more special and outstanding if we use it with a cool glass of white wine.


  1. Macaron

From those who’re falling deep into love with French cuisine to those who only know a little bit about it, everyone is fascinated by Macaron. The round colourful cakes are processed picky, deftly and sophisticated that shows the sophistication of French people. With a soft crust, all you need is just take a bite and everything seem to melt at the tip of the tongue, soak into each taste nerve.

combo-12-banh-macaron-4Gs-Texas-Bakery (5)

Colorful, eye-catching and soft Macaron cakes

And there are more and more signature dishes of French cuisine that you should taste at least one time when come to France. Or you could invite family and friends to La Badiane at 10 Nam Ngu Street, Hanoi to discover the best of them.