Sweet potatoes – A simple gift for the days of seasonal transition

In the days of seasonal transition, the weather always changes making you have no appetite when enjoying meal. So, let the fresh sweetness and aroma of sweet potato inspire your taste.


Likened as a fresh ginseng, sweet potato is a suitable food for the humid days of seasonal transition between spring and summer. The fragrant and sweet but no less buttery taste of this country bulb will create the special accent for your meal. Not just that, sweet potato also contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps to protect our health in the incipient days of summer. And as a particular gift for the girls, vitamin C also helps to regenerate collagen, giving the skin freshness, lush vitality.

Thanks to those wonderful effects, sweet potato is used diversely in cooking routine meal. If you like snack, you can make the tasty and crunchy cocooned sweet potato, or soft and smooth sweet potato cakes. Or if you want to make a delicious dish for dinner, the aromatic and fleshy sweet potato soup would be a very interesting suggestion.


And if you want to enjoy a really different and high-class kind of dish with sweet potato, you are suggested to go to La Badiane to try the dish ‘Grilled prawns with sesame, mashed sweet potatoes, red wine sauce’.

Certainly, you will be attracted from the first sight by this fussily decorated dish. Prawn is grilled to a turn, that keeps the freshness of seafood blending with the buttery taste of sweet potato. Adding a little red wine sauce and you will feel the numb taste on your tongue. All of them make up a dish that is really hard for you to refuse in the days of the seasonal transition.

Do not forget to visit La Badiane to enjoy the unique way of cooking sweet potato and the enchanting grilled prawn dish!