Sunday of single people (FA)

Dating at the weekend is only for couples? Only couple going out at the weekend? Nope, even single can have a lovely date. FA (forever alone – implying single people), everyday could be Sunday when you can go to the cinema or shopping with friends or family. What do FAs often do on Sunday?

People might think that on Sunday, FA cannot escape from the cycle of eat – sleep – eat – sleep and there is no activity can attract them. Actually, they have many things to do to enjoy themselves. On Sunday, FA would be incredibly busy. They spend all week on studying and working for a better position in society. As a side result, their relationship is broader with new friends, colleagues and partners. Their phone contact list and Facebook friend list is full, so they have a lot of appointments on any day of the week, even Sunday. There are dozens of entertainment activities waiting for you to “approve” on Sunday.

If you are single, you can reward yourself with a Sunday morning on the bed until whenever you want. You needn’t worry about someone waking you up or preparing breakfast for anyone. Or you can wake up early and go for jogging to enhance your health, then dress up and call your best friends to go shopping, cinema or beauty salon … Sometimes even when you are alone on Sunday, you still feel refreshed with a new lipstick or hairstyle.

If you are not in the mood for going out, enjoying a TV show at home without working on the computer as on weekdays also can cheer you up. Sunday night for family is another precious experience in busy life.

happy customer

FA can also “restart” by going to a Western-style restaurant where they can enjoy new dishes and discover a foreign culture through tiny details. La Badiane could be an interesting place that FA should try. At the restaurant La Badiane, you can experience the exquisite taste of French cuisine in the heart of Hanoi. Chef Benjamin, managers and staff of the restaurant are willing to share stories about dishes and cooking recipes with you in a cozy and friendly atmosphere that you can not find in any other restaurant.

You see, no one dare to say the life of FA is not “colorful”! Be happy and enjoy the most beautiful days that only FA can have!