Some suggestions for office lunch

Apart from “tons of documents” needed solving, “What’s for lunch?” is also a question that all the office staffs have to cope with everyday. Here is our survey of people’s lunch at the office!

A lunch you make yourself

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This is cheap healthy lunch idea for work

Nowaday, to bring more chances for members to engage each others as well as to build lunch culture, there are rooms for employee meals in some corps. Office workers often make their lunch at home and bring them to work. They consider this is the wonderful way to not only save money but also fuel up major flavor and healthy meal. This daily short period of lunch break time can be used for some mini team-building activities, when almost people is temporarily out of working stress.

Go out for lunch

There are people who cannot pack a rice bag or find lack of interests with daily dishes too prosaic, they will choose go out when it comes to office lunch. To meet the variety appetite, there are plenty of lunch options, such as: Vietnamese meals, French, Korean, or Italian cuisine,… Moreover, it depends on the purposes of the lunch are having meal with collegues, discovering different styles of cuisine or having a bussiness meal, there are particular choices.

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They gain many advantage over lunch outside: changing environment, taking some movement help improving the mood. These peope often own dedicated palate. Especially, steping away from desks for a middle meal is a good chance to breath natural atmosphere, feel better and keep yourself far from aches and pains caused by prolonged sitting in front of computer.

For those who always go out for lunch, it is necessary to choose reliable restaurants or eateries that can guarentee food quality. By going outside, maybe you will get useful information about interesting promotion.

“This summer at La Badiane” programe, 10 Nam Ngu, Hanoi

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This is the first programe of 5-star La Badiane restaurant directed to office staffs, starting from May, 2016. La Badiane suggests a 2-course set lunch menu at reasonable cost of 330,000 vnd. If you are satiated with  foodies of office workers, don’t pass up the golden opportunity to be taken aback by green refeshing enviroment and tasty eats.

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The green and refreshing environment at La Badiane

Let’s make your lunch each day become a wonderful exploration!