How to store open wine

Have you known how to store open wine properly? Let’s see how La Badiane experts have used some secrets to keeping wine intact after opening.

Wine is used as an additional flavor to your dishes, especially the western dishes. After opening the bottle of wine, wine is exposed to the air, if you do not know how to preserve, it easily goes bad and no longer retain the original flavor. So are there any way to preserve wine?

Store in fridge


Storing open wine in fridge is the most simple and common method. In conditions of low temperature, chemical reactions occur more slowly, followed by slow oxidation. At the same time, low temperature in refrigerator help to prevent the effects of the fermentation bacterium that make the sour taste.

Another crucial caution in preserving open wine is placing the bottle of wine horizontally instead of vertically as usual in order to let the stopper sink in to the wine (with oak stopper). This will keep the stopper always wet. If the stopper is dry, it will shrink and let air come in the bottle, seriously affecting the wine taste.



Vacuuming is a way to prevent alcohol exposure to oxygen. It can help to keep the wine last longer but might alter the wine taste.

Should not place wine at high temperatures


The ideal temperature to preserve wine is about 15-17 degrees C, at somewhere should be moist and dark without sunlight because it can cause warming temperature and affects the taste of wine.

In addition, at the high-end restaurants, people often use of the rubber stopper to avoid air or injecting nitrogen gas to compress and keep air outside.

Wine should be used in 3-4 hours after opening. When wine is exposed to air, the taste will no longer at its best.

These methods only help to delay the time of wine going bad, but they can’t prevent wine from the damaging process. You should estimate the amount of wine used in a meal, then pour the rest into smaller bottles with cork and store it in the refrigerator. It would be the best way to preserve wine.