Stay cool with lemon ice- cream at La Badiane

You may feel drowsy and tired in these hot summer days. So why not “refresh” yourself by enjoying chilled ice-cream to gain more energy and joy? La Badiane will reveal the unique ice-cream flavors helps that can make you feel refreshing this summer.

1. Tart of “Crème brûlée” in rosemary, raspberry & grapefruit salad in olive oil, tangerine sorbet


The combination of “Crème Brulee”, rosemary flavor, grapefruit salad and fresh raspberry will be an original taste from the first touch of the tongue. More specially, lemon ice-cream with little sour and creamy taste even treat your tongue better. Nothing can be better than that feeling in these hot days of summer.

2. Lemon sorbet in basil oil, roasted tomato in thyme perfume, crispy Parmesan cheese

Lemon sorbet melts in your tongue with gentle basil oil, roasted tomato in thyme perfume perfectly mixed with crispy dry Italian cheese. The combination of sweet and salty will creates a new attractive flavor that fill up your energy in summer.

3. Apple & strawberry crumble, lemon sorbet, balsamic glaze

It is a special dessert you should not miss out at La Badiane, especially in hot summer. When ingredients are apples, fresh sweet Da lat strawberries and cool lemon sorbet, mingled in black vinegar, this is one of the desserts that you could not find anywhere else except for La Badiane.

Ice-cream appears with various looks, colors and flavors in different dishes at La Badiane but it always makes each dish more appealing and outstanding. Don’t forget to drop by La Badiane and experience the fresh taste of these unique ice-creams with your friends!