Some points need noticing when decorating the restaurant for Christmas

This time is when the restaurants are preparing for Christmas decoration. Let’s explore with La Badiane some remarkable notes to decorate restaurants in the most efficient way.

  1. Christmas Tree – an indispensable symbol for Christmas

Formerly, there are not many restaurants paying attention to Christmas decoration but nowadays, most of them have changed their mind.

The most significant thing is the Christmas tree – the indispensable symbol in every Christmas. You can decorate the Christmas tree with many styles that depends mainly on the styles of each restaurant. They may be classic style, natural style, funny style, feng-shui …

Tip for decorating the Christmas tree is to express the message that the restaurants want to deliver to their customer on it. As that is one of the best ways to attract customers with the special offers for Christmas.


Decorating the Christmas tree in a typical style will make the restaurant brand more impressive

  1. Glass door – an effectiveadvertisement

If Christmas tree can be seen only when entering the restaurant, glass door is the first thing to meet the customers’ eyes. Decorating the door even decides whether the customers would come to the restaurant or not.

Like decorating a Christmas tree, there are many different ways to decorate a glass door to attract customers. Many restaurants choose the traditional decoration with Christmas trees, snowflakes, Santa Claus and reindeer whereas the others break the old order to decorate in more interesting ways such as impressive numbers, stunning food images covering almost the door…

No matter how the decoration is, do not forget to create impressive images on the door towards the “spirit” of Christmas to evoke curiosity of the customers and attract them.

  1. Dining table – the “talking” message

Each restaurant has a different type of customers so the ways of setting the dining table is homogeneous.

It can be seen that the way of decorating the table is a way that the restaurant delivers their messages to the customers. For example, if the restaurant serves those who like luxurious style, the dining table has to meet all the strict demand of a standard table. On the other hand, if the restaurant serves those who like cozy and familiar style, the dining table is just set tidily and conviniently and closed to the customers…

Christmas is the opportunity for people to get closed and love each other so an advice for the restaurants is to design a familiar but polite dining table.


Decorating the Christmas dinner table would be better if it can remain the warmth and closeness to the customers.

Enjoy a warm, peacefulChristmas with your loved ones with the Christmas program of the dinner menu for the kids at La Badiane on December 24th and the special lunch for families on December 25th.

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