Snails – favorite dish of French

While snails are pastoral and rustic dishes in Vietnam, they are food for the gourmet in France, even a uniquely traditional dish in the French culinary culture that many diners want to enjoy.

Up to 60 million French people have eaten snail meat in their meals. If you think snails are just a garden worm with frightening shapes, you should give it the second thought because in fact French can cook many delicious dishes from snails such as baked snails with garlic butter, snail pasta, snail pizza…


Snail, favorite food of French


There are many reasons why snails become “pleased food” of French diners. It is because snail contains many nutrients which are good for health (protein, omega-3, iron, Vitamin B12, magnesium,…); a cure of arthritis, pain in back and more importantly, when properly prepared, it gives a very special flavor and appealing taste right from the first time enjoying. That’s why it is introduced in 5-star restaurants in France.


Snail contains many nutrients which are good for health


Typically, dishes from snails often are served as appetizer in French meal. The French call snails Escargot and it is a common name in the menu of French restaurants worldwide. There are many ways to enjoy French snails, for example with butter and bread, baked with sauce, making soup or pizza… Each way of preparation brings a unique flavor but more striking, we always feel the bold taste of snails that we can not forget.


Dishes from snails often are served as appetizer in French meal


We are usually concerned about the appearance and gooeyness of snails. However, with the excellent ability to process, the French always know how to clean them after separating snail from the shell. Unusual combination with butter, water or other ingredients such as garlic, thyme, pine nuts,… will makes the taste more attractive.

If get a chance, do not hesitate to enjoy unique dishes from snails and discover more about French cuisine, you will definitely have an unforgettable experience!