[Secrets of the Chef] How to select fresh seafood

Seafood is a source of nutritious food. However, to choose fresh seafood is not easy. Refer to the some following experiences of Chef Benjamin to always have the most delicious meals.

Selection of oysters

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Pan-fried scallops, seafood lasagna with mushrooms & vegetables, saffron emulsion at La Badiane

For delicious dishes from oysters, you should choose alive oysters, not too big or not too small. If oysters are too small, after processed, they will be shrunken, whereas too big oysters are will chewy. Fresh oysters which are sticking tongue out. If oysters shut their shell, you should smell them. You should soak oyster into rice water or into salt pepper water for oysters to release all the dirt, brush outer skin, rinse with clean water before cooking. Some chefs even suggest boiling oysters for about 4-5 seconds to remove the bacteria which are capable of infecting hepatitis types A, E thyroid and then processing.

Selection of shrimps

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Grilled gambas in lemongrass, rolled cauliflower “pastisotto”, grenadine & coriander candied onion, lemongrass emulsion at La Badiane

Delicious shrimps are those which have firm meat, hard shell and white in color. When choosing, you should look at their tails to see whether they are fresh or not. Pull shrimps straightly and take them to the light to see the width between the joints on the shell and meat. The wide joints prove that shrimps are not fresh any more. You shouldn’t choose shrimps which have curve bodies, they are preserved too long.

Selection of fresh squids

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Source: vaobepnauan.com

There are many types of squids.  If you want fresh squids, you should choose big squids having thick, transparently white, firm meat. Fresh cuttlefish always has brown cover outside. Choosing squid, you should choose the bright pinkish flesh, head still sticks to itself. In general, less fresh squid has turned bluish, meat paste and smell fishy

In addition, crab or fish are also easily spoiled in normal condition. Therefore, be smart when choosing them to always have the most perfect meals.