[Secrets of the chef] 5 secrets for “Shrimp and chicken fresh spring rolls” of La Badiane

“Shrimp and chicken fresh spring rolls”is one of favorite dishes of our customers at La Badiane. What is the secrets of chef Benjamin to blend flavors of French and Vietnamese  cuisine in this dish?

Followings are 5 secrets of chef Benjamin:


Secret no. 1: Select fresh ingredients

When cooking, the first factor affecting the taste of the dish is freshness of the ingredients. “It is easy to find ingredients for “shrimp and chicken fresh spring rolls” in Vietnam. 9 ingredients that I need to make this dish: shrimp, chicken, asparagus, carrot, cucumber, wasabi, noodle (pho) sheet, square rice sheet and mayonnaise. They all have to be fresh and high quality”- Chef Benjamin shared.

The secret no 2: Medium cooked shrimp and chicken

Shrimp and chicken are two main ingredients, which should be prepared carefully. Shrimp is medium boiled. Chicken is seasoned with turmeric powder then fried until it gives golden brown and fragrant. All are marinated with spices. This is the reason why diners were satisfied with“shrimp and chicken fresh spring rolls”immediately after the first bites.

The secret no.3: “Shrimp and chicken fresh spring roll”is not Vietnamese “Pho cuon”

Some diners initially mistake shrimp and chicken fresh spring rollsat La Badiane for Vietnamese Pho cuon, which is really delicious, but fried beef filling is a major obstacle because its taste is quite greasy. Chef Benjamin replaces it with fresh shrimp and chicken served with tasty sauces made by soy. With a bit of asparagus, this dish is a unique combination, giving you a pleasant experience.

The secret no. 4: Kikoman – indispensable sauce for the dish


The taste of this dish is the totality of nine ingredients listed above. But this dish can not complete without Kikoman. White noodle sheet rolls in colorful filling such as coriander,  asparagus, carrots …, severed with Kikoman sauce. Distinct aroma with strong flavor of this sauce will take your taste buds to new and exciting experience.

The secret no. 5: Prepare food with love

This is the most important because the mood of the chef while cooking will determine the flavor of the dish. “When preparing dishes to serve the guests of La Badiane, I always feel happy and devote my love into it as for my beloved ones. My love for cuisine and the guests of La Badiane make me more motivated to create new and better dishes “- Chef Benjamin shared.

For those who love traditional dishes of Vietnam and France, this special dish is the perfect choice to enjoy the cuisine of both countries in one dish. If you have not tasted it, just come to La Badiane – No.10 Nam Ngu to experience it yourself and feel the difference of the dish. If you have tasted, let your taste buds one more time satisfied with it. After each time, you will have a completely new feeling.